Welcome to this, the newest online support website for Sevens Rugby in general and the South African Sevens Rugby Team specifically.

Howzit, my name is Mike Jansen and I’m a South African living in Hong Kong. If you know anything about Saffas living in this part of Asia, then you know that the Hong Kong Sevens features high on our collective calendars.  In fact, most of us plan the entire first three months of the year (plus one month afterwards for recovery!) around the Hong Kong Sevens.

As a result, Sevens became a key feature of my blog called www.howzit-hongkong.com. The Sevens coverage on Howzit-HongKong inevitably led to a FaceBook Group for the Springbok Sevens team as well as a dedicated YouTube Channel called SpringbokSevensTV.

I received so many pictures from members of the FaceBook Group who were at the Dubai & George events that a Flickr Group became inevitable.  A stand-alone website for Sevens rugby was a natural consequence of all this online projects, forming a seamless interface for all four new media applications.

What do we call this?

In deciding about a unique URL there was no doubt in my mind that only De Jongh Borchardt’s “Blits Bokke” would suffice. The folks over at Sport24 had already internationalized the name by substituting the ‘s’ with a ‘z’ and with this, BlitzBokke.com was born!

I hope that this website will become the first-stop for all you Springbok 7’s Supporters out there on the world wide web, not only as a source of information, but also for you to interact with other like-minded folks.

I hope to see you around.

Mike Jansen

No guessing who sits in this spot in the Press Box ! (HK 7’s 2008)